The VanityPeel™ leverages the exclusive EDGE Pulse, a high-peak-power very-short pulse that delivers a laser treatment with minimal thermal damage to surrounding tissue. The system delivers impressive superficial skin-resurfacing results with little to no downtime and patient discomfort

Most people with blemishes like fine lines and deeper wrinkles, scars, sun damaged skin, that want quick, lasting results with minimal downtime are eligible for a Vanity Peel treatment. Your physician will advise accordingly after taking your medical history and examination.

Vanity Peel is ideal for:
Fine lines & wrinkles
Reduction of acne scars & surgical scars
Skin rejuvenation improved texture
Skin tightening
Mild to moderate sun damage

Your physician may apply a topical anesthetic to make you more comfortable before the treatment. During the procedure, typically 30 minutes long, as the laser energy is applied to your skin, you may feel a warm sensation. Immediately after treatment your skin will feel warm similar to a sunburn. The redness will continue for few days and it will be followed by some peeling as the newer skin is appearing. In most cases, your skin will return to its normal appearance in about 7-10 days, and you will be able to wear make-up after 4-7 days. Your physician will recommend the most appropriate skin regimen to ensure proper skin recovery, hydration and protection from sun exposure during the days following the treatment.

The number of treatments needed vary greatly depending on each individual skin condition, age and life-style. In most cases results can be already visible after one treatment, however people with more severe conditions may require several treatments. Your physician will advise on the optimal treatment required and results.

Vanity Peel utilizes the EDGE CO2 laser to deliver thermal energy to the epidermis and upper dermis with a pattern of laser light causing minute perforations in the epidermis while leaving the surrounding skin intact. The laser energy removes micro columns of tissue while the deep heating stimulates collagen contraction and remodeling. This results in a smoother, more supple skin and overall more youthful appearance.

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