A New Fractional Laser Procedure

The new low downtime peel is possible with the EDGE fractional lasers using EdgePulse™ technology.

This is an advanced skin treatment that reduces the appearance of fine lines, sun damage, and pores while improving skin texture, all with minimal to zero downtime. .

Conventional laser treatments usually cause patients to have redness for 1 to 4 weeks.

This latest EdgePulse technology gets around this problem by producing very fine beams that cause minimal redness and micro-ablative areas that are so fine that they are barely noticeable and resolve quickly in a day or two.

Better Skin with Less Downtime

The new EDGE laser produces thousands of microscopic thermal zones in the treated areas.

Each zone is the diameter of a shaft of hair, however these columns extend deep into middle layer of the skin – where damaged lies.

Laser targets the old collagen, but also leaves areas of healthy tissue to regenerate through collagen production for less patient downtime and side effects compared to other laser treatments, and still delivers great results.

Why Choose VanityPeel?

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      Usually numbing cream is applied 20 min prior to the treatment. Each treatment of EDGE Fractional Laser takes about 15 minutes, during which our doctor will treat the whole face or part of the face.

      After each treatment, the skin feels slightly red and warm. This will subside usually within a day.

      As soon as 1-2 weeks after the laser procedure and results will continue to improve for several months as your body produces more collagen.

      Depending on type and condition of your skin and your desired result, usually 1 to 3 sessions. Treatments are spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart.

      1. Cleanse face with a gentle cleanser for the first week. Do not use exfoliatives.
      2. Apply antibiotic cream for first 3 days.
      3. Use a regenerating moisturizing cream twice a day to assist in speedy healing.
      4. Use sunblock (at least SPF 50) after day 2 of treatment. Very important in preventing post treatment hyperpigmentation and future skin damage. Avoid direct sun exposure for the first week.